About ABC Boom

ABC BOOM! is a multi-sensory handwriting method designed for children in the early years of education. This methodology includes the use of kinesthetic, movement, touch, and vision senses.

ABC Boom! provides a solid foundation in handwriting and fosters the automatic motor skills that will help prevent problems with letter reversal, letter direction and handwriting speed.

The ABC Boom! approach begins with play activities leading to more systematic handwriting instruction in the later years.

You will learn practical and flexible ways:

  • for easing the children’s passage from pre-writing to name-writing, and writing,
  • for developing the motor patterns in forming letters, numbers and words, and
  • for discovering letter spacing and alignment, writing size and writing line.

ABC Boom! is for teachers, parents, early educators, resource and methods teachers, special educators, occupational therapists, educational assistants, and autism workers.

If you are interested in attending or hosting an ABC Boom! seminar, please contact Jen or Ivan for more information.

For more information on ABC BOOM! and to learn about it’s founder, Natasha Rouleau, please visit their website.